20 Affirmations I Wrote Down at Expert's Academy

On Oct 24, 2018 I flew to California for 4 days of marketing and thought leader training at Expert's Academy. It was a transformative, landmark experience for me. Here are 20 affirmations I wrote down throughout the many seminar notes I took about everything from sharing your story to creating email funnels and recording sales videos.

1. This is my time.

2. I'm ready to be Me. Fully. Alive.

3. I choose to see beyond my current circumstances.

4. I will weather the storms, internal opposition, external opposition. Bring it. I'm committed.

5. I'm going to start giving myself credit for my experiences and ability to provide value.

6. I am someone people love to be around. My presence empowers people to be themselves, joyfully and courageously.

7. When I help other people find their greatness, I'll find my greatness.

8. I'm doing this with excellence, not perfection

9. I can do this.

10. I'm ready to go all in, and serve people with everything I've got.

11. The universe brought me here for a reason.

12. I'm going to make this thing work. I'm going to own my dream.

13. This will change my family's life.

14. Selling products and services will deepen my impact with people.

15. I can get 100 people in a membership.

16. An hour of my coaching and consulting time is worth $100.

17. I have a product I love to sell and can talk about for 3 years.

18. I already know the person who will take me to the next level.

19. I was made for this. I was born for this.

20. I can have an impact right now, and help people tremendously with what I already know right now.



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