These 5 People Are Changing My Life

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I've met some amazing people this week, and the week before that. Really, every week since I decided to quit my job I've been amazed at the wonderful people that have come into my life. For those I've gotten to connect with, I'm so grateful for the way we've been able to contribute to each other, so often just within a 1 hr zoom call. And then there are a few I haven't met but who through courses or other material have become a significant factor in my growth this fall.

So I thought this week I would share a list of people I'm so grateful to be learning from in this intense transition into self employment and entrepreneurship. I have been amazed to take away something significant from every single connection or coffee chat, but this list is those who have in some way been pouring into my life week after week since early September. (So now that I type that I realize it's only been 30 days, but it feels like a lifetime because my job already feels like a previous life.)

Ok, here is a little bit about each person, and then more on what I'm learning from them:

1. Samantha Siffring - Samantha is my business coach. Our main focus has been mindset, which is exactly what I need and all I can say is that she is amazing. It's hard to explain what she does, but one thing I can say I'm learning is how to be intentional about my thoughts, in order to change my feelings and actions. If you're interested in getting to know her better, check out her podcast, The Badass Mother Podcast. I've been meaning to start checking out podcasts and hers is the first one I've finally started listening to, and I love it. The only thing better than it is her group coaching membership that she launched this year, its called the TBH Inner Circle. I hang out in this facebook group weekly and watch new content as she adds it, and there are some cool mini courses in there I haven't even gotten to yet.

I'm learning from Samantha to take ownership of my thoughts, and that I am the only thing stopping me from creating a life that I love. And that the process to get there is not as complicated as I think it needs to be.

2. Sarah Masci - Sarah is a branding genius. I met her this summer and started with her free Mood Board challenge, which I highly recommend, and then took the plunge and signed up for her Simple Brand Academy and it has been totally worth it. She has a special gift for helping those of us who need a brand but can't afford a designer to go step by step and create our own brand vision, materials, and then system so that we can create our brand materials cohesively and along the way as we are working our business.

I'm learning from Sarah how to pull out of myself the ideas I have about my brand, and then turn those ideas and feelings into words and images that convey who I am and what I do.

3. Michelle Vroom - Michelle convinced me that her Market Like a Boss group coaching program would help me with my marketing plan and finding clients. It was a hard step to take because I am a marketer, I think I already know a lot about marketing, but not about finding clients per se. Anyway, I'm amazed at how much value I've gotten out of the first 10 days, including crying once a week because she loves us enough to tell us what we need to hear and not what feels good. And because she's been there and is able to walk us through the personal transformation we need to have, and the mental shifts we need to embrace in order to really become business owners who think and act like the entrepreneurs we were meant to be.

Michelle is guiding me through the process of giving myself permission to be confident, own my value, and take the steps to market myself like I know how to.

4. Dana Malstaff - I've been in her Boss Moms facebook group for months, and then finally got around to discovering who she was. I watched a webinar and saw her teach for the first time and I was convinced she could help me. So now I'm learning all about how to develop a cohesive, and effective service-based business, in her course Raising Your Business. I think a good place to start is her free Find Your Value workbook.

I'm learning from Dana how to take my knowledge and my skills and efficiently create a smart business structure out of it.

 5. Brendon Burchard - Brendon is the most amazing combination of success and heart that I've seen, right up there with Gary Vaynerchuk and some others. I think Brendon particularly resonates with me because he has a similar teaching style to me and is doing something closer to what I want to do some day. I've mentioned him before and have been following him the longest of everyone on this list. To get started learning from him, check out one of his books, my favorite is High Performance Habits, or find him on YouTube.

I'm learning from Brendon how to become a leader. And I'm so grateful for this because I'm passionate about helping moms to see themselves as leaders and to embrace that role in whatever way they are meant to.

The single thing I absolutely love the most about all five of these people is that I can feel their heart in everything that they do. They really care about you and I and want to help us along on our journey and see us succeed. I've taken many other courses over the past year and these are the people I'm sticking with right now, because not only do they provide value, but they also provide me examples of the kind of person I want to be as I find my way and create my own version of success.


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