12 Things I Learned from My Husband's Unemployment

Of course there is more, but here is what stands out to me right now:

My kids need me - During this season I've been gone 9-6 and I can tell that they need to see more of me. I'm grateful to be able to switch back roles from primary breadwinner to part time working my business. I knew what I was doing was for our family and the kids but it was interesting to see how quickly it began to wear on them and how much better it is for the little guys for me to work from home and be present.

I don't like being an employee anymore - Working so many hours for one client for the past month pulled on my brain toward an employee mindset. I was able to work and function as a consultant and provide value from an outside perspective, but I could still feel the pull back to my old employee mindset, even in the just the lack of urgency and time to find new clients. And while I enjoyed the work, I had that feeling that it was starting to pull me away from my path.

I love doing consulting - It's my zone of genius, I feel like I keep trying to do more and other stuff and I can't help it, I keep getting drawn back. I need to work on how to package it and network with biz connections who I can refer clients to for the actual work.

Right now my husband needs a traditional job - This is what he needs right now, and I have so much peace about it. Some day he may join me in my business fully, but right now he needs some structure, some validation, and some professional career development. And to not be at home watching kids during the day.

Every week business people meet at networking groups - They have all kinds of different roles and business models, and I've met the most wonderful people attending some local networking groups this month. This is the hardest part about potentially moving across town.

People are wonderful - This is more of a takeaway from the past year, but I've found that the average person I meet is both incredibly talentrf, wonderfully gracious, and incredibly interesting to get to know.

God is real - My faith has been strengthened like never before. I've seen and felt the divine presence throughout the past year and I see it clearer as my path becomes clearer, guiding me toward the path and then helping me find it.

I have a path, a life work - I'm having this increasing sense, and belief, that I have a life work, that is set, that is there for me to discover and live out. It is something that I both create and discover simultaneously, in a fascinating life purpose paradox.

I should separate my interests into two separate websites and businesses - I've let myself get busy with life, but this is the breakthrough of clarity I needed. Now it seems I've got to do some more mindset work and free up my time to finish implementing both and get to where I can just schedule time to write for both.

I know how to make money - It's been incredibly freeing and enlightening to learn how to network and find clients. People enjoy working with me and hiring, and I enjoy having a business budget and being able to hire them too.

My husband won't stay unemployed very long - I was right, he's amazing.

Lyft provides a valuable service for drivers and riders - Charles has come home with the most fascinating stories, and it's given him such a valuable sense of perspective during this season, and an opportunity to serve others.


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