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Here is some of what I'm up to, and what I recommend for you to try this week:

Hey there!

It's Monday! Are you excited? Monday has taken on a whole new sense of excitement and potential for me, so I decided to move my newsletter day to Monday. I hope I can help equip and motivate you in a few small ways for whatever you're up to in your business this week.

Quick question: would you like a free tool that will make your analytics account talk to you in plain English? That was what I was aiming for with my new freebie.

I've created a free custom dashboard and mini email course as my first opt-in and of course I want you to be the first to have it. If you worked with me this summer I tried to add it to your account already, but it will only show if you gave me Collaborate access, and not just Read and Analyze access.

Anyway, click below to get the link to add the dashboard to your account, and also get the 10 week email series. It will send one email a week with a 15 min exercise on how to use one of the widgets on your dashboard to learn something useful about your site traffic.

Weekly Dashboard and Email Series

Here is a list of some of what I've been up to, and things I recommend for you to try this week:

  1. Expand Your Upper Limit - I've been rereading The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. I'm fascinated by his theory that we all have an upper limit to our happiness, and that we can identify and remove limiting beliefs and greatly increase our capacity to be happy. One practical tip is that whenever you find yourself worrying, try to rechannel that thought and emotion into excitement instead. For me that means, instead of worrying about where my next clients are coming from, I'm excited to discover where I find them.

  2. Slow down to go faster - I'm still questioning the wisdom of it, but I took all day Friday to look at the big picture of my business plan, and think about why I'm doing it, who I want to help, that kind of thing. It was all mind maps, paper, index cards, and markers and minimal time on the computer. I put the highlights up on my wall that my desk faces. It was quite refreshing, but I found myself questioning this weekend whether I should have been more 'productive'. But what good is working hard if you don't find clarity first. Anyway, if you need clarity on the action you're taking, I recommend slowing down before you speed up.

  3. Live in Einstein Time - This is basically about managing your energy. You know how you can dread a task and take way longer than necessary to do it? Or you can have a lightbulb moment and then knock out a task in a quarter of the time you thought it would take? Realize that your perception of a task effects how you use time, and use that to your advantage. This is why it is wise to focus as much time as possible on tasks that you love and are good at. One of my goals is to get to a place where I can spend some time every day in the 'flow', doing something that for me is creative and productive, where the process itself is beautiful, and the result feels inspired. (I read this idea in The Big Leap.)

  4. You are not your Ego - If you don't know what this means, you should read some of the books by Jen Sincero and Gabrielle Bernstein. This concept has been so helpful to me. I am not my fear, or my lack mentality, or anything else holding me back from my future. I am separate from those things and can choose to leave them behind. And so can you. (I'm currently rereading You Are a Badass at Making Money. If the title turns you off a bit, I understand. But get over it and read it. And do all the exercises, and then read it again. And then you'll be where I'm at and we can have our own personal book club talking about how we're ready to move forward with our lives, let the past go, become the awesome people we need to be to create the lives we want, etc.)
  5. Remember, Done is Better Than Perfect - Or at least that's what they say. It sounds good, it's easy to put up on my vision wall, until I have this freebie that I've finished twice and am thinking maybe it's too this or that and I should make more changes first. But no, I've got to start shipping things. So if you check out the dashboard above, you'll get the first email immediately, and I'm wondering if once a week is spaced too far apart, but I thought that would make it really doable. And I could turn the emails into a workbook, but this makes it more timely, more of an experience. So let me know what you think.

  6. DIY Your Branding with Me - So hopefully third time is a charm, but now I'm doing branding all over again, for aliciaeichmann.com. I found Sarah Masci this summer and was so grateful for the useful information in her free challenges that I joined her membership, Simple Brand Academy, and am using that to do my own branding.

  7. Explore Alexa Skills - I found a company that does Alexa Skills, and am going to make my own Alexa Flash Briefing. Let me know if you're interested in making one too and I'll give you the info. There is a great opportunity to get in at the front of what is going to be a big trend with Voice technology.

  8. Be bold - Have a marvelous week and put something on your schedule today that scares you just a bit, but would take your biz, or your soul (or both!) to the next level. Do something that makes you feel alive.

Quote of the Week

"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

- Howard Thurman


For more like this, read last week's post where I talk about missing a conference because of Hurricane Florence, and getting consistent, trying new things, and figuring out how to provide value.


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