Special Guest Katie Nohl of


I met Katie through Gary Vaynerchuk's First In Line Community, when I offered some free analytics consulting for biz moms. I did an initial video with my observations and sent it to her, we followed up with a zoom call and narrowed down the most strategic activities for her to do next to move forward.

I'll be checking in with her every few weeks and will have an update video in a couple months. So I went to do a summary video for you all about what she and I have done so far, and then I thought it'd be fun to put up that video that I sent her, since I got her permission to share a video about her account, and since she and I mostly talked and brainstormed.

Our conclusions were that she should write blog posts a few times a month toward specific keywords she wants to come up for, such as places to stay in Ashland, Wisconsin, and that she should move forward with this creative idea she has of creating an additional facebook page that is about the area where she could collaborate with...

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How to Give Read and Analyze Access in Analytics

analytics Jul 18, 2018

The short version is that you open and click on Admin in the bottom left, and then under Property in the middle, click on User Management, then click the blue plus button in top right, add the person's email and check the boxes for the access you want to give them.

I thought it'd be good to also show in a screenshare video, so see above.

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Featuring Layne Dasher at CraftyLifeMom

analytics featured guests Jul 04, 2018

Thanks so much to my good friend Layne from for letting us look at her analytics account today to learn about comparing your traffic to previous time periods, and investigating spikes in traffic.

On CraftyLifeMom, Layne helps moms start their own crafting businesses. Subscribe to her email list to get her craft show checklist and regular info on making money crafting.

Time Stamps/Summary:

2:00 How to compare your traffic to a previous time period.

This helps you see the big picture, and how much progress you are making, and be encouraged to keep going.

5:30 Different ways to look at recent traffic.

Look at a longer date range instead of totaling pageviews by month.

6:42 Link to Weekly analytics recommendation (coming soon)

7:25 Rabbit trail - why your Pinterest traffic is tanking in June

8:12 What you should do while your summer traffic is lower

9:00 How to investigate the spikes in your traffic

9:50 Rabbit trail - Podcast traffic

10:30 View traffic for a certain...

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Don't Let These 4 Stats Discourage You

analytics Jul 03, 2018

It's so easy to get focused on certain numbers and judge your traffic success or lack thereof too quickly. And there are so many different stats, it can be hard to know which ones to focus on.

Here are 4 Stats that you should not let discourage you, and why:

1. Page totals by month.

If you total your pageviews by month, you'll see those numbers compared starkly against each other and when they dip seasonally that can be discouraging. However when you look at a chart of a larger time range the picture is much more realistic, natural, and less discouraging.

2. Average Session Duration

Until you set up goals and events in analytics, take average session duration with a grain of salt. When you have the default set up, your account only tracks pageviews, and if a reader reads 1 pg for a minute and a 2nd page for 4 min, that session duration will be 1 min because google doesn't know when the 4 minutes ended. It can't account for the time spent on the last page someone visited.


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How to See Which Content is Bringing You Traffic From Pinterest

analytics Jun 29, 2018

In this video we look at how to find your Pinterest traffic in Google Analytics and identify which of your topics and content are doing best in Pinterest, so that you can maximize the opportunity to do similar content in that medium.

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How to Identify the Top Landing Pages of Your Site

analytics Jun 21, 2018

In today's online world most of your traffic probably doesn't enter your site through your home page. Knowing where your traffic enters your site can help you to understand their interests and optimize your site to keep them reading and capture their information.

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Know Your Audience: New vs Returning Visitors

analytics Jun 12, 2018

Do you know how many of your site traffic are new visitors and how many are returning visitors? These numbers are easy to see in analytics, and important for understanding the results of your business activity.

Please comment and share what % of your site traffic is new visitors!

3:20 The value of pageviews, and becoming known

4:10 Establishing your business strategy

5:16 Using secondary dimension to see the content with the behavior

6:18 The content new visitors were viewing the most

7:30 Using site comparison

7:53 Frequency

8:32 Engagement, and how it can help you understand the quality of your traffic

9:37 Tips for your top traffic pages, linking similar content posts

10:40 What you want your Pinterest traffic to do

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How Many of Your Readers are on their Phone?

analytics traffic Jun 08, 2018

Learn how to see in your google analytics account how many of your site visitors are on their phone, vs. desktop or tablet. This is an easy way to get more insight into your audience, and to find ways to improve their experience on your site.

In a nutshell:

Click on Audience > Technology > Mobile > Overview

That will give you the percentage of your traffic on mobile (which means phones), desktop, and tablet, for the date range that you have selected.

You can also see if they are apple or android devices.

My biggest tip for mobile is to go see what percentage is on their phone. The second is to take time to use your own site on your phone and think about how to improve the user experience.

This is especially important if you have ads and popup functionality for your opt-in form. It also should inform how much you expect readers to see the content in your sidebar. Remember, on a phone the sidebar content shows after the user has scrolled through the entire main body of the...

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Special Guest Shannon O'Neill: Organic Traffic Rockstar

analytics featured guests Jun 03, 2018

In this very first featured guest episode, I am so excited to share a peak at the analytics account of Shannon O'Neill at In this episode we will look at her success with organic traffic from google, as well as pinterest, and give her some recommendations on how to maximize the opportunity she has with this traffic.


"Analytics is all about helping you track what results you're getting from the different things you're doing, and then how to optimize that."


2:58 Acquisition Reports

6:04 Destination Pages for Organic Traffic

7:17 Bath toys to avoid

7:44 Checking your organic traffic in a private browser window

9:30 Source/Medium Report

10:30 Knowing Your Goals, Assessing Quality Traffic, and Traffic that Brings Greater Exposure

10:44 I mention this video on comparing your traffic to site avg: How to Compare Traffic Source to Site Average

12:00 Shannon's Pinterest Keyword Strategy, was based on advice from Heather Farris, a Pinterest...

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Sessions, Users, Bounce Rate Explained - What these Analytics Stats Mean

analytics strategy Jun 01, 2018

Basic stats in Google Analytics such as sessions, users, bounce rate and session duration are incredibly useful, but they may not mean exactly what you think they mean.

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