Featuring Layne Dasher at CraftyLifeMom

analytics featured guests Jul 04, 2018

Thanks so much to my good friend Layne from for letting us look at her analytics account today to learn about comparing your traffic to previous time periods, and investigating spikes in traffic.

On CraftyLifeMom, Layne helps moms start their own crafting businesses. Subscribe to her email list to get her craft show checklist and regular info on making money crafting.

Time Stamps/Summary:

2:00 How to compare your traffic to a previous time period.

This helps you see the big picture, and how much progress you are making, and be encouraged to keep going.

5:30 Different ways to look at recent traffic.

Look at a longer date range instead of totaling pageviews by month.

6:42 Link to Weekly analytics recommendation (coming soon)

7:25 Rabbit trail - why your Pinterest traffic is tanking in June

8:12 What you should do while your summer traffic is lower

9:00 How to investigate the spikes in your traffic

9:50 Rabbit trail - Podcast traffic

10:30 View traffic for a certain...

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Special Guest Shannon O'Neill: Organic Traffic Rockstar

analytics featured guests Jun 03, 2018

In this very first featured guest episode, I am so excited to share a peak at the analytics account of Shannon O'Neill at In this episode we will look at her success with organic traffic from google, as well as pinterest, and give her some recommendations on how to maximize the opportunity she has with this traffic.


"Analytics is all about helping you track what results you're getting from the different things you're doing, and then how to optimize that."


2:58 Acquisition Reports

6:04 Destination Pages for Organic Traffic

7:17 Bath toys to avoid

7:44 Checking your organic traffic in a private browser window

9:30 Source/Medium Report

10:30 Knowing Your Goals, Assessing Quality Traffic, and Traffic that Brings Greater Exposure

10:44 I mention this video on comparing your traffic to site avg: How to Compare Traffic Source to Site Average

12:00 Shannon's Pinterest Keyword Strategy, was based on advice from Heather Farris, a Pinterest...

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