How to Seek Clarity and Find Your Best Self (High Performance Habit #1)

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Did you know that you could be a high performer? That phrase might sound a little strange as a mom. It immediately makes me think of high performance level athletes, which is so far from where my life is right now. I would never have picked up this book off the shelf, but fortunately last year I started following Marie Forleo and I saw her interview with Brendon Burchard about his most recent book, High Performance Habits, and was immediately intrigued.

What I quickly discovered was that I am a high performer, at least at heart, and that the habits he identified could help me be successful at whatever I cared to do.

When he says high performance, he's talking about how to leave mediocrity behind, stop settling for average, and maximize your personal potential as a human to effective and productive in a way that keeps you happy and fulfilled over the short and the long term.

That's exactly what...

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