5 Steps to Exploring Your Identity and Creativity in 2019

leadership Dec 17, 2018

Hey there,

What would you do if you let yourself blast off through all of your self imposed limitations? What would you dream about doing?

What current trends are you following that you need to let go of, so you can be more creatively and successfully YOU in 2019?

This is what I'm asking myself this morning as I'm meditating and journaling and trying to decide what to write to you all today.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about how to make a big change, how to become a different person, how to be who I've never been, how to do what I've never done. And how to coach my clients through this journey of personal and professional development as well.

I'm convinced a huge part of it is listening to the right voices, including largely your own.

Why is this so hard? I think we've been taught to distrust our own voice. We're told to listen to external rules and formulas, we've been tricked into believing this is the best route to success.

But I've decided it's time for you and I to...

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8 Things I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me Last Year

leadership my journey Dec 07, 2018

I spent a year investing too much time, money and energy trying to figure out this whole online biz world, and then everything I had learned finally clicked, and I quit my job and replaced my income within 90 days.

In reflecting on everything I've learned through this experience, I came up with a list of things that I would tell a close friend right now if they asked me what I've learned that could help them.

What I hope to do here is share some wisdom to anyone who is where I was last year, or anyone who feels overwhelmed by all the options and pitches they see everywhere for courses and programs about marketing and online business. I'm telling you now because I wish someone would have been honest and told me these truths about online business a year ago.

I want to save you some time, give you some hope, and probably get some interesting conversations going.

Okay, here are 8 things I wish someone could have told me last year:

1. People who need to...

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An Invitation to Work with Me

leadership my journey Nov 12, 2018

This is the letter I wrote to my newsletter list today.

Hey beautiful,

Have you ever felt yourself searching intently for your next step and then found that once you slowed down enough to just listen, it was right in front of you?

That's what I've been up to. Everything I shared a couple of weeks ago is still on my heart and in my plan. I will be starting a leadership book club sooner rather than later.

But right now it's time to go deep with a few of you.

I looked at where my life has led me and what I've learned along the way. And everything came together for me last week.

It all fell apart first because I almost launched the wrong thing.

But then I recognized the opportunity of this moment, and realized the right thing for us in this season, and that it will totally transform your life.

So I just found my full life mission, I lived through the turning point last week that  my entire life has been leading up to. And what came...

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20 Affirmations I Wrote Down at Expert's Academy

leadership my journey Nov 05, 2018

On Oct 24, 2018 I flew to California for 4 days of marketing and thought leader training at Expert's Academy. It was a transformative, landmark experience for me. Here are 20 affirmations I wrote down throughout the many seminar notes I took about everything from sharing your story to creating email funnels and recording sales videos.

1. This is my time.

2. I'm ready to be Me. Fully. Alive.

3. I choose to see beyond my current circumstances.

4. I will weather the storms, internal opposition, external opposition. Bring it. I'm committed.

5. I'm going to start giving myself credit for my experiences and ability to provide value.

6. I am someone people love to be around. My presence empowers people to be themselves, joyfully and courageously.

7. When I help other people find their greatness, I'll find my greatness.

8. I'm doing this with excellence, not perfection

9. I can do this.

10. I'm ready to go all in, and serve people with everything I've got.

11. The universe...

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How to Seek Clarity and Find Your Best Self (High Performance Habit #1)

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Did you know that you could be a high performer? That phrase might sound a little strange as a mom. It immediately makes me think of high performance level athletes, which is so far from where my life is right now. I would never have picked up this book off the shelf, but fortunately last year I started following Marie Forleo and I saw her interview with Brendon Burchard about his most recent book, High Performance Habits, and was immediately intrigued.

What I quickly discovered was that I am a high performer, at least at heart, and that the habits he identified could help me be successful at whatever I cared to do.

When he says high performance, he's talking about how to leave mediocrity behind, stop settling for average, and maximize your personal potential as a human to effective and productive in a way that keeps you happy and fulfilled over the short and the long term.

That's exactly what...

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How to Get Started with reading Daily Affirmations

leadership Jul 23, 2018

This summer I've started a quick morning routine of reading my affirmations. I share part of my personal affirmations and tell you how to get started on reading and writing your own.

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How to Find an Online Mentor

books leadership mindset Jun 14, 2018

I share about how I discovered the biggest online voices that have had a big influence on me over the past year.

"Learning is fun, but it's also easy - and the hard work is where the payoff is."

I want to challenge you to really think about the biggest 5 voices or influences in your life, and how you can improve the net message you get from them by adding some strategic online voices.

A few of my favorites are Marie Forleo, Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, and Gary Vaynerchuk.

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Eating Like a Leader, and How I Broke My Sugar Habit

leadership Apr 13, 2018

I've been successfully losing weight again since I started blogging about leadership about a month ago. It was the missing piece for me right now.

Because I'm at the stage where I know what to do, I've lost the baby weight twice before. I know how to eat healthier, move more and approach fitness strategically. But this winter I got tripped up frequently because I had a bad attitude about it, and about life.

Or at least a bad mental state that I would easily slip into. I'm sure other educated stay-at-home moms know the feeling, the funk you can get into when you're at home with little kids, changing diapers, doing laundry, and cleaning up messes. When I felt lonely and bored, I would eat sugar as a pick-me-up. And when I got past those emotions, I would get stressed out by work - because I don't actually just stay at home with kids - and then I would eat something sugary or high-calorie.

This winter I was in a cycle where I knew I wanted to make a change, but I just couldn't get the...

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Life is Not a Classroom

leadership Mar 25, 2018

I've been unschooling myself ever since I finished my masters degree 8 years ago.

It wasn't on purpose. I didn't know it. I didn't even have a word for it until this year. But I've had to, in order to find my way. Let me explain.

We all joke about how school didn't teach us enough about life. My college prep high school didn't allow time for home economics or even an official driving course. We also didn't learn anything about budgeting or parenting. But I think we've all accepted that school focused on reading, writing, math, science, history, etc.

So like everyone else I know, I've been slowly teaching myself over the last decade (since getting married) to cook, to budget, and then to parent, etc.

Along the way I began to explore all kinds of fun, practical and previously unknown worlds - such as gardening and painting. Additionally my husband introduced me to carpentry, web coding, and adventurous activities such as hiking, camping, and sailing.

But then my journey went deeper...

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Ownership, Self-Awareness, and Weight Loss

leadership Mar 23, 2018

Can thinking like a leader help me lose weight?

I'm going to find out, I'll let you know. (Forgive me if that's not where your focus is. Feel free to skip this one and wait for the next post if you want.)

I've been through the baby weight loss journey twice, after boy 2 and boy 3. My baby (#4) is 16 months old and to the discerning eye I still look pregnant. It really bothers me but I have not managed to align enough elements of my life for long enough to continuously make progress. I've actually lost ground over the last 6 months.

So can thinking like a leader help me with this? (and maybe help you with whatever your thing is right now?) I'm not sure.

But here is what I do know. Leaders take ownership, and they don't have a victim mentality. They know what is important, what matters and they take initiative. They think creatively, out of the box. They major on the majors and minor on the minors. They have passion and vision - in a way that is contagious.

I want that, all of that. I...

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