A Letter to a Blogger with a Mission

letters Jan 03, 2019

I'm dedicating this post to an incredible lady I met yesterday. You know who you are.

Dear friend,

I'm writing to encourage you to undertake the endeavor which you explained to me at length during our first meeting yesterday.

You have a beautiful vision, and a gift lying dormant inside of you. Do not let your age, or your health, or your schedule stop you.

Because people need your message. A message of hope, of joy, of personal triumph in the midst of pain.

I do not understand, and can never fully know, what your audience experiences day to day. But you can, you do. You know, you've been there. You've lived it and conquered it, and continue to in the midst of daily trials to take ownership of yourself, to exert your joy, to decide how you will look at life.

You see the light shining through the clouds, the flower in the rainstorm.

Thinking about how to encourage you makes me wish I was a poet. How do I describe the feeling I feel as I think about your mission and the effect that I...

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