Reflections on marketing formulas and when to buy online courses

marketing reflection Jan 02, 2019

Today I'm thinking about all the formulas that are out there being taught. And I want to help you change your approach and your perspective on them. These teachers tried a lot of things, and then something worked for them, and they became successful. Their success attracted attention and questions, and then they realized people would pay to learn how to be successful the same way they did.

It is a powerful and valid principle to study those who have accomplished what you want to accomplish, but I see too much of success being boiled down to specific formulas and then sold, and then people paying for the formula and then following it (or not) and perhaps having some initial success (or not).

What you need to know is that business success is about so much more than a specific marketing formula.

First, the formula itself may be valid but it needs to match you. What are your goals, your business model, your personality, your lifestyle requirements? Not every formula will work for you,...

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My New Course, Marketing Mindset, is Here!

marketing my journey Nov 26, 2018

This is the email I sent to my list today.

Hey there,

What are you working on this week?

I hope it's something big.

Do you have a project scheduled to make progress on this week, that will change your life when you finish it? I know some of you do.

Of my current coaching clients, one of them just finished creating her course, another is preparing to shoot videos for his course, another decided to prepare to launch a membership, and another is preparing to offer online fitness courses.

Taking on this kind of project takes a lot of courage. I know, because I just finished the initial version of my first full online course, Marketing Mindset.

I believe that every one of you has the potential to change your life in a few hours a week. And it takes two things to get there.

First, you've got to do the work to change the way you think. (Psst. This is what my new course will help you with)

You need to get really clear on why you do what you do, and clarify your mission. When you know what...

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