How Many of Your Readers are on their Phone?

analytics traffic Jun 08, 2018

Learn how to see in your google analytics account how many of your site visitors are on their phone, vs. desktop or tablet. This is an easy way to get more insight into your audience, and to find ways to improve their experience on your site.

In a nutshell:

Click on Audience > Technology > Mobile > Overview

That will give you the percentage of your traffic on mobile (which means phones), desktop, and tablet, for the date range that you have selected.

You can also see if they are apple or android devices.

My biggest tip for mobile is to go see what percentage is on their phone. The second is to take time to use your own site on your phone and think about how to improve the user experience.

This is especially important if you have ads and popup functionality for your opt-in form. It also should inform how much you expect readers to see the content in your sidebar. Remember, on a phone the sidebar content shows after the user has scrolled through the entire main body of the...

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How to Compare each of your Traffic Sources to your Site Average

analytics traffic May 25, 2018

Once you know where to find it, the comparison button gives you a quick and easy way to view your various traffic sources and see how they compare to each other on important metrics such as sessions, new users, and bounce rate.

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